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Welcome to our Wonderful Blog ~ ‘Touched by the Love of Angels ~ Nurturing Your Mind, Body and Spirit’

……and that is exactly what you will have at your fingertips; a plethora of resources; from e-books, articles, courses, online radio shows, professional services, information, and so much more ….. all to ‘Nurture Your Mind, Body and Spirit’. Aside from the abundant resources you will find here, there will be a loving and caring community to visit when you need to connect with like minded folk. You will be able to share your stories about Angels, NDE’s, Pay it Forward Stories, Your Spiritual Journey, anything you would like to share, we would love to hear about.

Our blog is an extension of our fanpage ‘Touched by the Love of Angels’ …. and you will still be able to find the amazing posts and pictures that have always been part of our fanpage that everyone loves. The direction we plan taking for our blog is one of  ‘Growth’ ….. ‘Personal Growth’….. for anyone needing assistance in areas of their life that may be a struggle e.g., gaining more self confidence, changing ones life style to a healthier, fitter and happier one, learning to meditate, quitting bad habits ie; smoking, comfort eating, or you may have trouble with sleeping, anger etc.

You will have access to Angel and Archangel information e.g., how to call on your Angels and Archangels, and how they can assist you in your life. We believe that everyone is born with the right to total Abundance in their lives, and it is our hope that you will find the resources that will help you to firstly, realise your birth right to Abundance, and secondly, utilise the resources to achieve total Abundance in your life.

All most of us want in life is to be the best person we can possibly be, to love and be loved, to shine our light and share how truly wonderful and creative we are, to be amazingly happy and spread the joy with our loved ones and to everyone we encounter on our path in life. It is up to all of us to do what we can to change our world for the better, and we can only do this by starting with ourself first.

Blessings of Love, Light and Peace to You All
Linda and Phill



HELP ENLIGHTEN THE WORLD AND GET PAID FOR IT, Sounds like as win / win situation to me :)


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